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Handmade Djembe Drum from Ghana

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Built by Ghanaian drum builder Michael Kweku Owusu, this gorgeous djembe is made from light brown Tweneboa wood and shaved goat skin. This djembe features strong climbing rope with a sunset orange and red patterned design, and a unique carving of a horn player in a raffia skirt. This djembe is 8.5 lbs, has a diameter of 11" across and stands 23" high, making it what we call an "Economy Sized" drum, as it is lower in cost than a typical full-sized djembe. Highly adaptable to any sized person (though likely most ideal for ages 10 and up). Please note that shipping is not included in the pricing, and can vary from $25-$100 for ground UPS or FedEx (your choice) depending on location.