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2024 Summer Intensives - Djembe for Beginners

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SATURDAY August 24 AND SUNDAY August 25, 11am-1pm (both days) at Drumlady K's Rhythm Room (inside the School of Musical Traditions), 7112 Willow Ave, Takoma Park, MD 


IF YOU CAN ONLY ATTEND ONE CLASS, PURCHASE A DROP-IN (it's also fine to show up 20 minutes early and drop-in if you would rather pay cash, check, venmo or cash app). 

Drumlady Kristen Arant will teach you how to SPEAK DRUM in this one of a kind class modeled just for beginner players!

Many of us have become witness to modern day fascination with the djembe and hand drumming in general re: drum circles. This is in part due to how playing these drums, especially in groups, enhances joy, releases stress and frustration, and begins to heal us via the very first sound we ever heard - the heartbeat. There have been medical studies done in recent years espousing a range of other health benefits as well, for those who drum on a regular basis. 

Learn all about this beautiful goblet membranophone native to the Mande people of West Africa, including a basic review of the drum's history, its purpose, and the role it played in the cultural life of the Mande people.  

Kristen will then provide an intricately detailed description of the proper technique for playing the djembe, including bass, tone, and slap "notes" or "sounds," and empower students to find their drum's "voice" and bring it to the forefront of the conversation!

We will then learn a group polyrhythm and experience the feeling of playing different parts that interconnect like pieces sewn one by one to create a beautiful rhythmic tapestry. 

All are welcome, however this class is best for adults (though kids 10 and up are welcome) 

Classes are on Saturday and Sunday, August 24 and 25, 11am - 1pm both days. If you can only make class ONE day, go here to purchase a drop-in ticket, or show up on site (20 minutes early please) to drop in. 

Djembe drums can be rented on site for $15 per class - please send Kristen a message to let her know if you need one.