Engage in the Magic!

Greetings my friends!

     It occurred to me that those in my community may like to have a broader look at all the goings-on of the season. So I've added a calendar to my website, which can be accessed HERE.
     I must admit - I added the calendar also for myself, as it's so easy for items to slip through the cracks of my busy memory. 
     The craze of life is unsettling these days, wouldn't you agree? Today, a friend asked me if I'd received an email, and my response was "Yes. I'm too busy to respond, but I appreciated it." Being too busy to even respond to something is quite common now. Or having to squeeze in responses while doing other things like driving...cooking...doing laundry...exercising...
     So little time is left to absorb life. 
     I appreciate the ways technology helps to keep things organized, even if at the same time I begrudge it for changing our way of interacting so much that I can't even remember how much calmer things used to be. On a beautiful day in May 1995, for instance, I'm certain I went to a college class and then decided on a whim to swing by a friends' house, and likely found many other friends when I arrived, and likely an impromptu music or dance party erupted, which likely carried on for several hours. 
     This feeling, like the one I had back then, is something I can only gain now when I'm drumming, singing, chanting, teaching, leading or otherwise engaging in music with my students and peers. It harkens back to a time of being in the true moment of something....I know if I stop to look at my phone, for instance, I'll disrupt the magic of those moments, and I wouldn't dare. Additionally these moments silent the chatter in my mind - that "busy" voice has no place when the rhythms take over. Surrendering to those rhythms is like an act of radical self care. 
     Please accept my invitation to engage in the magic with me this coming spring and summer. Come to class, come to a performance (most of our performances are interactive), but by all means make time to engage in a little Drumspiration for your mind, body, spirit. 
     With love,
     drumlady k 
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