Drumlady MEDIA


"How Kristen Arant Became The Drumlady" 
Streetcar Suburbs News, 2021

Interview with Kristen Arant
Your Friendly Feminist Blog, 2020

"Drum Circle Helps Students Brainstorm Solutions for Health Center"
University of Maryland School of Public Health, 2018

"Beats of Change: Q & A with Kristen Arant of Hands on Drums"
730DC, 2018

"Kristen Arant, aka Drumlady, Tells Her Story"
Artists Tell Their Stories blog, 2016

The Drum Circle Moves Beyond Deadheads and Occupy Protestors"
The Washington Post, 2016

"Drumming Up Empowerment" 
Calvary Women's Services, 2015

DCist Profile: Young Women's Drumming Empowerment Project
DCist, 2009

DC's Young Women's Drumming Empowerment Project
Tom Tom Magazine, 2009


Kristen Arant, Drumlady! & Drumspiration
Profile by Beat Keepers, 2021

Strike of Power
Documentary by Giselle Hall and Manelle Dridi, 2019

Hands on Drums: Drumlady 
Documentary, 2018

DC Drumlady 
Documentary on Voices of Africa, 2017

Drum Lady
Documentary by Ginnier Seger, 2013

Drum Lady 
Documentary by Ellie Walton, 2011

Mini-Promo by Ellie Walton, 2011

YWDEP Documentary 
By Ellie Walton, 2010

YWDEP Documentary 
By Graceila Lopez, 2010

Kristen Arant Demo Reel
By Alexandra Silverthorne, 2010

YWDEP Mini-documentary 
Mark Kokkoros, Rooster Productions, 2009