One Hand at a Time

One Hand at a Time

Dear friends -

I've vowed to myself that this will be a different kind of year for me. One with more richness, but with less chaos. One with more rest, but with more focus. 

We are all still (and perhaps for the foreseeable future) bogged down with the COVID blues. Some of us are still extremely cautious - wearing masks whenever we are around others, indoors or out. Some of us are taking lower levels of caution in order to regain our past joys - the ones we had before fear invaded us, and before masks silenced us. The number of us who have not yet had COVID (myself included) has dwindled greatly, so many of us now know what to expect, except of course for the unexpected variants that pass through. Either way, here we are, getting on with life regardless of grief; handling the busy ness that our modern world demands. Putting one foot in front of the other every day; or in the case of drumming, one hand. 

Due to my work as a music teacher (it's a day job I feel fortunate to have, and that I am constantly grateful for, regardless of its inherent difficulties), I have cut out a couple of my class sessions. But not to worry - there will still be a session this fall, beginning Oct. 9 for Drumspiration (in-person) and Oct. 11 for Zoom Drum. There will also be a session over the winter, and one over the spring. This is the plan for now. 

My hope - always - is to accommodate in any way I can all those who wish to learn; all those who feel the call, and have given me the opportunity to satisfy their desire to embrace the soul healing, community cultivating, peace building power of the drum. 

With much love  - I hope to see you soon in person or online.

Kristen (Ms K), The drumlady. 

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