Learning How to "Speak Drum"

Greetings Community! Thanks so much to those of you who joined me for the last batch of online and in-person SPRING drumming classes.

This is our shared medicine - learning to drum and capturing that healing spirit - the reason I call it DRUMSPIRATION - it's no lie; drumming is therapeutic.

I was speaking with a new community member recently about how important it is to learn how to SPEAK DRUM; how essential it is for us to learn to create language through proper technique on the Djembe; because essentially we are speaking to the ancestral spirit world; we are speaking our core truths through the sounds we create; we are sharing our authentic selves.

Spending time learning HOW TO PLAY this beautiful and potent instrument will lead to such incredible rewards....

spirit lifted, language spoken, communication channels open, healing initiated:

LET'S DRUM SOME MORE! See my new class options HERE

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